SCA Life

Imagine if you will a 5 year old california boy wearing shorts and cowboy boots who has taken every single belt in the house and put them around his chest.   Very proudly he finds a stick and suddenly he is the top gladiator in Rome!  The best crusader and even King Arthur himself…

Mom did eventually make King Arthur come in for dinner but I never really lost that fantasy.

In 1989 I heard about some nuts in the local park hitting each other with sticks and the dream was reborn.

I found an organization found on the ideals of Chivalry and fun. The Society for Creative Anachronism.

Founded by a bunch of nerds in the 1960’s as a medieval themed party it just kept going…

In the SCA, I learned sewing, leatherworking, armoring, bookbinding, etc, etc.  Pretty much everything I could.

When I got married and had kids.. I just kept going…

Today I take a great deal of pleasure from teaching what I can.  So if you see me let’s learn something!

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