Glass Spindle Whorls

I was the kid with his nose pressed against the glass at the fair watching the magic of a glass rods becoming horses, dogs, unicorns.  Anything…. It was sheer magic to me the way the flame – glass – and artist could create these wonders of light.

I just HAD to do it….

VikingGlassLife moved on and it was just one of those unrealized dreams until in 2000 I had the opportunity to take a class in Viking Beadmaking through the SCA.  It was heaven. “I!” was making it happen.  I convinced the teacher to loan me some equipment and my love affair with Lampworking Glass began.




Now something about me.   I love making things people actually use tools, jewelry they WEAR, etc.  So in my very first class I made what is called a drop spindle.  Commonly used to make thread by hand they have found spindle whorls (the big spinny part) all over the world, used throughout history.

1st whorlThis was made during that very first class.

My wife posted it in a spinning forum and I suddenly had orders for me (the total amateur) to make more… So I did… Then I made some more…. And more…   6 months later I had a small professional setup paid for almost entirely by sales.  (Also quite a few comments asking where we had found the pen!)



For over a decade I sold glass drop spindles and glass knitting needles at every Knitting Show or Sheep and Wool show I could get to….  Made a lot of friends and I love knowing that people are still appreciating my work even today.

Some of my favorites

bigredstamp2002 bpetalonclr blclr1 grnamb blueyellow purpwhtclr ambflw bgoldstonepetal bggtangleonpink amber1st