Glass Knitting Needles – Life Part 2

Glass Knitting Needles

Glass Knitting Needles formed a big part of my art life.

Addi Turbo Knitting NeedlesBack in 2001 my friend noticed on a pack of Addi turbo knitting needles that they advertised a smooth glasslike finish.

Well one thing led to another and they spoke to me about it.  A star burst above my head and I decided to try making some actual glass knitting needles with a REAL glass finish.  


Made of Pyrex (borosilicate glass), it turns out they had some distinct advantages over other needles.  Just as smooth as aluminum but your work would not slip off.   Built in resistance to working too tightly (they would scritch together if you were too tight)  AND they could be beautiful all on their own.

Little did I know that I would be making them for the next decade..


First display…

20131026 today 002IM00

cream white needlesIM00


bubble gum cat needlesgreen cat needleskn under water pic 2