Glass Beads

I was the kid with his nose pressed against the glass at the fair watching the magic of a glass rods becoming horses, dogs, unicorns.  Anything…. It was sheer magic to me the way the flame – glass – and artist could create these wonders of light.

I just HAD to do it….

VikingGlassLife moved on and it was just one of those unrealized dreams until in 2000 I had the opportunity to take a class in Viking Beadmaking through the SCA.  It was heaven. “I!” was making it happen.  I convinced the teacher to loan me some equipment and my love affair with Lampworking Glass began.





At that first class I found something wonderful.. I was pretty good at it… I understood the flame perhaps a bit better than most…. But I loved it, and practice makes perfect….  So I made some beads… Then some more… And more… ad infinitatum.   I would like to credit some of my first customers for being PICKY and pushing me to make them better and better… See those creations under the Bracelets and Necklaces page.

As I am still a die hard medievalist I have made a lot of beads appropriate for the middle ages.  So expect a lot of what most people would consider “plain” beads.

IMG_2936bead tray 2007

Thorhalla BeadsDSC00275Yes, thier sheep.. Baa Baa.







SNOWMANCreating this guy led me into working Glass in a more sculptural way.

He is actually 2 separate beads with a little stick between them…. that lets you make him look where you want….