About Me

Hi World!  Welcome to Life Part 2.

This all started in 2012 when I suffered a stroke.  It was good in that I didn’t die but I suddenly found myself changed in ways I cannot begin to describe.  I was literally not the same and that was an unwelcome surprise.    Lost in what felt like a brand new world I  started Life Part 2.

It’s not fun starting over but most of all you find that like every teen out there you no longer know who you are or even what you really like.  What’s your favorite food?  Color?  Hobbies?   Whatever you used to do is gone now.  Reset.  Start over.  Please deposit $.25 to play again.

Today I have figured out a few of these things but unlike teens who find answers and believe them to be the final ANSWER to everything, I know how very far I have to go.

So welcome to my journey.

What? You want more?  Ok,  I am 6’2″ with brown hair and bearded.  My eyes change color and I am overweight.  Single father of 3 great kids, soon to be an empty nester. I have lived all over the USA and intend to go full time RV once the last child is out of the house.  Come on 06/2017!

12/2016 I had a full gastric bypass.  Life needs to change..
12/2017 I have lost over 150lbs at this point and still going.. I am now lighter than I was when I graduated high school!

04/2018 332 lbs,  down from 487.  YAY!

What do I do?
I have published a book of poems and am working on a 2nd.
Working on a book. (aren’t we all?)
Die hard medievalist (joined the SCA in 1989). (http://www.sca.org)
Glass Pyromaniac.  Lampworking primarily.
Leatherworking. Pouches, belts, etc.

Mostly I like making beautiful things.  So my arts tend to grow and muddle a bit.

If you have any questions or comments or just want to be part of the cheering section………
Please let me know..

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