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Poem – Ashes on the Heart

Poem – Ashes on the Heart by Sean Ellwood Ashes lace like tangled vines On the innocence of my heart Fires once hot leave reminders Of what once was a reason to live Pathways perhaps but lessons learned Of routes

Poem – Grass Speaks

The grass speaks in sign language Gently waving in the breeze Had we the stems to hear it What mysteries might we learn?

20171217 Home and “The Worthy”

Today was a migraine day but when it finally eased I found myself in a poetic mood…   The Worthy Poem by Sean Ellwood   I sense their beauty and the glory of the spheres Lasting long all through the

Storm vs Man

Storm vs Man. By Sean Ellwood I poke my nose out like a vole from a hole and sniff the air.  Only to have every hair on my shoulders stand out and scream “CHANGE”.  But I must away home –

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Heroes By Sean Ellwood Cast not your eyes upon yon bench Lest ye see the figure there Bent and cramped in unrequited sleep See not the hero in well earned rest or perhaps only a beggar His bags about him

Life is hard

Life is hard By Sean Ellwood Cast not your ire at the low slung snail As he winds his way neath your heel Nor the simple fly buzzing round dinner For he does things you only dream Above and beyond

Dance with me

Dance with me By Sean Ellwood There is a quality in life That speaks to us in our hearts Tasks often tedious can give Even the most hardened, ease Often whispers of other families Seem to float on the wind

The tree danced

The tree danced By Sean Ellwood When you catch sight of a rose Gather in its scent, ne’er two the same Perhaps your ready to see I found myself looking at a tree Not a tall tree nor a small


Starlight By Sean Ellwood A light in the night I see, starlight But it is not yet night so perhaps a planet I see? And I wonder.. Is it home to someone like me Looking up to my looking down?


Anvil By Sean Ellwood No doctor there is nothing I can say To tell you about the teeth at my back The dagger in my neck My head in a vice My heart on the rack What can I do