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Travel prep in Cincinnati, OH

Well I made it back to Cincinnati Ohio just in time for my van to decide that it needed fixing.   Just a little.. My old mechanic took one look and said those terrible words “new transmission.” Sigh….  But if

5 things about me

1. I was once run off the road by a truck and had the driver come back and start striking our driver through the window.  It ended peacefully when we drew our self defence firearms. 2. SCA sword fighting. I

Reading of The Cremation of Sam McGee

If you really want to hear my voice i did a reading of The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service…    

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20180107 New Year wishes

20180107 New Year wishes Common parlance would have us say that life is full of ups and downs.  But I truely do not feel like it is.  I feel like it is nothing more than music.  Sometimes dark and sometimes

Poem – Ashes on the Heart

Poem – Ashes on the Heart by Sean Ellwood Ashes lace like tangled vines On the innocence of my heart Fires once hot leave reminders Of what once was a reason to live Pathways perhaps but lessons learned Of routes

Poem – Grass Speaks

The grass speaks in sign language Gently waving in the breeze Had we the stems to hear it What mysteries might we learn?

20171217 Home and “The Worthy”

Today was a migraine day but when it finally eased I found myself in a poetic mood…   The Worthy Poem by Sean Ellwood   I sense their beauty and the glory of the spheres Lasting long all through the

20171213 Family Matters

Today I went down and visited my Father and Stepmother.  It was …bittersweet.   My father has had some mental problems creep up and dominate his life over the past few years and they are apparent when talking to him.  But

On Inspiration

On Inspiration Where or where can you be my muse, my inspiration. I do not see you in my art, my home, my life Seek me out as I seek you – and be free. Inspiration can come from a

Cheated by dreams

Cheated by dreams   Have you ever felt cheated by your dreams?  Given a wonderful epic experience yet upon waking it evaporates like a mist, unable to write it down or tell it to anyone you feel bereft.  All that