20180503 Starting out

Okay, Okay. The first real day of travel started out quite stormy and windy and rainy. Such fun. We headed out south of Cincinnati en route to Eastern Kentucky and the weather got progressively nicer the further east we went. Kentucky is beautiful this time of year. We saw some cool sights on the way down

Finally stopped back up beyond at family property. It’s lovely to sit on the porch and listen to the birds chirp and bumblebees drone instead of city traffic and tires squealing. It’s almost as if I can feel my spiritual energies revving back into gear after being oppressed by the city. It’s a good day.

  • Sean


I think the Garmin is definitely trying for the most scenic routes. We went some back way across a mountain I’ve never seen before because of a closure on KY-7. Beautiful, but a little concerning as it appeared to be someone’s driveway more than a public road. All told, however, we got here safely and have settled in for a few days.

It’s good to be back on the farm. I was hoping for some blackberries, but I guess we’re here a little too early in the season – looks like just buds on the canes. The cherries are in bloom and the bugs haven’t reached their inevitable crescendo (yet). We passed some little stores on 172 that I’d like to drop by before we leave the area. (There’s a general store that has a variety of really nice preserves if I remember right, but the sewing shop is not on my list. I think Sean will want to strangle me if I try to get any more fabric stuffed into the trailer.)

  • Laura

Wow that’s a long drive

Hi all.  We just did the calculations for the great Alaska Trip and holy cow.  I am driving the equivalent of halfway around the PLANET.  Crossing 6 time zones 2 countries and about 1/4 of the 50 states.

Ouch.  My head hurts.  Let’s just take this a day at a time…

Weight Loss and Van Update

323LBS.  It may still sound like a lot but remember I graduated high school at 350 and had my surgery at 487.   Wow..


Today I also realized something new had changed in my body.   When I stood my thighs no longer pressed against each other..  Perhaps it doesn’t sound like much but I have no memory of them NOT rubbing.  Feels odd…


2001 Chevy Express conversion passenger van reconverted into a class b rv.

2 weeks ago I had a stack of errors and thought that I would soon be shelling out about $3000 for a new transmission.  Well after a week I get it back and they say that all it needed was a speed sensor and ignition switch.   After a few hundred miles, it’s working fine!  Preparations are still ongoing but we should be ready in 2 weeks.  Too bad we leave in 10 days.. EEEEEK!

Travel prep in Cincinnati, OH

Well I made it back to Cincinnati Ohio just in time for my van to decide that it needed fixing.  

Just a little..

My old mechanic took one look and said those terrible words “new transmission.”

Sigh….  But if I could have picked the best place for it to happen it would have been right here…  So it will be pricy but it should guarantee that I will not have transmission problems next year… So that’s good.  

Also, in prep I tore apart my kitchen cabinets and am working on a new setup.  I am thinking that a covered wire rack would be a heck of a lot lighter!


I am also working on getting Tail (my trailer) setup as a proper art studio!  “YAY!” The crowd goes wild. I think it is pretty sad that I have had my own personal laser engraver now for months but never fully set it up!

But perhaps the best thing that has happened is that I have been joined by a beautiful woman for this trip.   Say “Hi” Laura!

I think she is insane but hey who am I to judge…  I’m the guy headed to Alaska in a van!!


It is also time to get serious about earning money to pay for these repairs.  So watch this space for new products and items…

Thanks for your support..


5 things about me

1. I was once run off the road by a truck and had the driver come back and start striking our driver through the window.  It ended peacefully when we drew our self defence firearms.
2. SCA sword fighting. I was once 3rd place for the Artemesian throne.  I have no idea what I would have done had I won.
3. My max deadlift was 590lbs.
4. I have moved 25 times through 5 states.  The last was into full time rv’ing.
5. I was saved from suicide as a teen by an angel. No a real one.  It passed all the checks my scientific mind could give it.
6. I have a spiritual “bullshit” detector.  When dealing with religious matters I can usually tell what is right and what is wrong.  I have been proven very accurate over the years as supposedly “holy” men proved to be shysters and hucksters.
7. I have occasionally seen the spirits of the recently dead saying goodby at funerals.  It’s a scary and yet uplifting thing.

It has begun

Well I am finally off!

To me winter is now officially over and I can get that checked out of Texas and on my way on my great big Alaskan trip, currently specced out to be around 11,000 miles. It’s going to be one heck of a job because that doesn’t include extra side trips or running around or what to do once I’m up there in Alaska. Just getting there and back is 11,000 miles

We left Plano yesterday and had a nice breakfast in the morning with some excellent company at the internationally fine restaurant Cracker Barrel.

It’s a bright, sunshiny day, and we’re driving right into it.  Headed towards fun, but definitely need the sun glasses this morning!

Biscuits and gravy for days. mmm.

20120221 ReBirthday



On Presidents day In 2012 I did a good imitation of dying.  So now I try and celebrate my anniversary with life.  


In 2017 a lot happened.  

My daughter Katie graduated high school and began college.

My daughter Marie began her 3rd year at college.

My son Niko continued his relationship with his girlfriend and began work at a new store.

I had gastric bypass on 12/6/2016 and during 2017 I lost over 130lbs going from a 6x to a 2-3x in clothing.  Weight loss is still ongoing and I really don’t recognize myself anymore.  The last time I was this thin I was a teenager in Junior High. 

I sold most of my belongings and moved into a portable lifestyle with a Class B RV and art studio trailer.

I traveled across the county teaching at various SCA events and made a lot of friends.

I watched a total eclipse of the sun and got to see solar prominences with my own eyes.

Visited the family in Utah where my niece had her first child.

I eventually ended up in Texas spending time with my Father and Stepmother and met new (to me) relatives.

I began a new relationship with a special lady and we will be traveling together in 2018.


I have been making more glass these days and have rediscovered my joy in it..

Laser engraving, wire weaving and painting have also become big hobbies.

Wow.  Life has really changed in the past few years.  But it is still good, still worth it.  But very very very different.

I went from the INTP analytical computer person to someone who is primarily an artist and simply cannot do most of the things I used to excel at.  I am still learning how to deal with my new life. It’s been a very full year, and I feel really good about it.


In 2018, I’m headed to Alaska via Ohio and Utah – the meandering, scenic route!


Thanks for coming along for the ride. Suggestions for where to go and what to see are always encouraged, and as always, company is greatly appreciated…

See you on the road!

What has happened….

What has happened….


Jan to Feb of 2018 has been….. Interesting…


It started meekly enough.  Spending time with my father in Austin, Tx and heading out every so often to SCA events.    Then….. I met someone…  Yeah.. It’s a cliche.  Viking meets girl.  Viking looks for protectors, finding none, goes in for the kill.   Then he gets caught….  Then he finds out there WERE protectors!   Urk….  Excuse me.  Do you like glass?  Perhaps we can make a deal…….


So what have I been doing?  Some glass, some SCA, some romance.   I have made some great friends and am still shocked at what I have found.  No, you don’t get a pic yet.. Probably later.   So for now you have to content yourselves with these…

Beautiful clear day

It’s a driving day so I set out and it was just beautiful clear sparkling. I was thinking that this is really nice.

I had a lot of time to appreciate it …sitting in traffic in Austin.


Reading of The Cremation of Sam McGee

If you really want to hear my voice i did a reading of The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service…



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