20191108 First bike ride since I don’t know when..

Today started as a very inauspicious day.  High general anxiety kept waking me up at night so I was a bit groggy this morning.  It didnt get better so a bit of antianxiety meds were required.  Then a bit more.. Then knowing….Knowing.. that I had to get moving somehow.   Well Laura managed to get me out the door into the sunshine by saying I just had to sit there for a while….


It helped.  It always has…  But I needed more so I finally got the bike setup and went for a ride.  Yes my almost decade old Diamondback mountain bike that has fewer miles on it than a new pair of shoes…  Lubed it up a bit and took off.  Just to the local store and back with breaks, rt maby a mile, probably less.  But it felt good..  I need to do this more often..

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Diamondback ResponseXe 6061, 22″ tires, Santour PFF gear, steel pedals, xc260 rims, Shifter SRAM SX-3 Trigger 7spd, RockShox XC28, coil sprung, 100mm fork, KMC-Z51 chain

My disk brakes are working well but my chain keeps slipping.  How do you tighten these?  It’s also hard to change gears.  Perhaps the lines have rusted?  It has been out in the elements for a while.  What do I lube? Replace? etc…  The chain is all rusted do I get a staineless one?

I would also like to see about what it would take to inexpensively make it electric.  Something to help me coast once I am up to speed.  I cannot afford the good kits.  For that kind of money I would just buy a scooter and call it finis!

Any help or sugestions would be appreciated




p.s. The pic of me with the bike is about 2 years old.  I will get a new one…

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