Blog 20181017 Hugs

Blog 20181017 Hugs

I feel I have to get this off my chest.  One of the biggest things ever to have happened me occurred just last week.  I had just returned to Cincinnati after spending the summer out in the Utah Idaho area and was I attending the Horses and Hounds SCA event in Cincinnati Ohio. It was at that event that I volunteered and was running the food service tavern so the people had something to eat while we are all out playing around.   It was also at that event that a freak accident took the life of one of our SCA members. He literally died in front of me – perhaps a good ways off- but in front of me none the less.  I don’t know what to say about that and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. What can I say?  Someone I’ve never really met passes away or that someone in an organization that is forms a big part of your life lost one of its valued members pursuing something that they truly loved. I only spoke to the man for a moment but he will be missed and frankly I will personally miss the innocence I had …. that we all had before this happened.   Just what are you supposed to tell your friends or family about what you’re thinking when you …..when you don’t really know to think.  

In the end I just give them a big hug and say I will be there for them.

Hugs to all….

I love you.

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