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Migraine days

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It’s days like this that are the hardest.  

Today I went to my Dr and got checked, spec’ed, poked and squered.  Such fun. But at least I got some help for my current migraine and hopefully for the future ones..  Saw friends later on and volunteered to come help the next day… I found it helps my pain to help others.  Life is like that…


Night – After all the sealing we still have a leak around one of the roof vents.  I hope to get up there this week and fix it and add another vent cover. Meanwhile pain and meds all conspire to make me tired but twitchy and unable to sleep.  Started trying about 9. Finally slept I think around 3…


Up at 10 very groggy and disoriented. I feel almost stoned.  Not like I would know what that is (no really, never have) but I am way out of it.  Have to beg off my good deed for the day as I can barely walk and talk.. Much less at the same time.  Laura goes over to help. Love that lady. Always ready to help others even when she gets voluntold…. Sorry about that..


2pm.  Post migrane issues are now current migraine issues.  Definitely not living in the same world as I should be.  Want to just beat my head against a wall until I find the reset button..  Doesn’t work so I take meds and wait…


Yeah life sucks sometimes but I still drive forward.  Why not? The alternatives are really boring.

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    Yes that eyemask sounds wonderful!LikeLiked by 1 person

  2. Hi Hope Vs Headaches……How have I missed such a thing? I didn’t even know this existed, I had my migraine at just 8 years old and it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s and after many head scans, pills and doctors appts I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Migraine Syndrome after the intial Cluster Headache Syndrome they said it was, I am now nearly mid 40’s and have taken medication twice a day everyday to try to keep them at bay, I try where possible not to alow stress in my life and I eat well and workout almost everyday, but they still appear without warning and know me off my feet only just not as often as they did.Great post, I will keep watching it’s always nice to know you’re not alone and unless you have had a migraine before you’ll know it’s not ‘just a headache’ LikeLiked by 1 person

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