Blog 20181002 – And then this happened

Hi all!

I keep trying to come up with more interesting things to say and then not saying anything.  So at this point let’s just tell you what happened. I am on my way back to Cincinnati from Idaho Falls and as life would have it.   Bing, Bing, Bing plot complication on the radar.

Today, I left Kansas City in route to Cincinnati – drove a few hours and then the pain in my leg from an infected insect bite decided for me that I had to stop.  Went to the doc in the box wherever I ended up (Columbia, MO). The leg turned out to have a painful cellulitis infection that was now several inches across. 1 shot later and a script for strong antibiotics and I was through.  I also weighed at the doctors office and found out that my weight basically hasn’t changed in the past six months. I really hate this idea but at least it’s not going UP either and there’s a lot of reasons that my weight lass stalled.  Migraines all summer (possibly helped along with sinus issues) dietary issues… etc.

In the end I’m just looking forward to getting back getting back to Cincinnati and seeing my children and finding out what has been going on in their life.  It’s hard not being part of their life but I think it’s time for them to see what they can make of it. I am also excited about going back to the makerspace because they always seem to inspire me and help me going on my crafts.


So I’m spending tonight in the parking lot at the local Cracker Barrel on massive pain killers because of the cellulitis skin infection but I’ve got a beautiful woman here, a nice house, life’s good.   I hope it is for you as well.

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