20181004 – The road less traveled

I have frequently joked that all my electronic map gadgets bar 1 had tried to kill me.   Well today was the day for Garmin. I was 25 miles from my goal after traveling all the way across the USA when it suddenly decided to take me on a new and novel experience down a picturesque road in Kentucky instead of down the slightly farther FREEWAY path.  We turned east at Sparta Kentucky and it being dark I had no idea I was in for some of the most harrowing driving experiences of the trip. Should I tell you about how this road was barely wider than the RV I was driving down it? Should I mention the railroad tracks and barely there bridge that both struck sparks off my trailer?  Perhaps the 3 cars that attempted to head on crash into me in the darkness deserve merit? No I think it will forever be the stretch of the (barely wide enough for a car) road that was crumbling off the cliff that really had me white knuckling it….. ARGH!!!!!!


F@#$@#@#$$ GARMIN!


This is not the Road less traveled… The road was LITERALLY named GOAT TRAIL for a reason…. Huff Huff… Grrrrrrrrrrr…  Where is my shotgun…..


I survived…  By NOT listening to it at the next major intersection and making my way to the fricken freeway I should have been on in the first place…  10 mins later I had arrived..


Can I panic now?

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