Month: October 2018

Blog 20181017 Hugs

Blog 20181017 Hugs I feel I have to get this off my chest.  One of the biggest things ever to have happened me occurred just last week.  I had just returned to Cincinnati after spending the summer out in the

Blog 20181010 Migraine Days

Migraine days 10-10-2018, 10-11-2018 ->   It’s days like this that are the hardest.   Today I went to my Dr and got checked, spec’ed, poked and squered.  Such fun. But at least I got some help for my current

Blog 20181002 – And then this happened

Hi all! I keep trying to come up with more interesting things to say and then not saying anything.  So at this point let’s just tell you what happened. I am on my way back to Cincinnati from Idaho Falls

20181004 – The road less traveled

I have frequently joked that all my electronic map gadgets bar 1 had tried to kill me.   Well today was the day for Garmin. I was 25 miles from my goal after traveling all the way across the USA when