Finally An Update: A sad one

Finally an update:  A sad one


For those of you who have been following, upon entering the state of Utah on our way to Alaska we were struck with a lot of vehicle problems.  First the trailer wheel hub died.


Then upon checking the van out for problems before heading to Alaska we find that the engine needs new injectors…. At least…  We then decided to stay in Utah and abort the trip to Alaska. We definitely did not want to get into the wilds and THEN have the van die.. So we made the best of it and hung around with friends and family for a while.   Then….. While driving through the Curlew Grasslands we had a deer commit suicide diving in front of the van causing what looked like fairly minor damage. However this in turn killed the power steering – which took out the belt – which stopped the water pump – which caused the engine to overheat and blow the internal seals.   The insurance company then totaled the van.


Oh… Joy…  We are a thousand miles from our nominal home base and our house no longer rolls.  


I must admit that we were already looking for another house on wheels but NOT THIS SOON!

It was quite the shock.. But we have friends and were able to find a car to use so life went on..


Eventually we found a vehicle we liked at Camping World in Idaho Falls and started working on financing..  There we found a bewildering litany of problems. It all came down in the end that Camping World would not accept anything but cash and my credit union only sent a letter of credit until they had the title in hand.  So I was stuck.. Again. After much deliberation I flattened my retirement account, such as it was, and with savings was able to buy a 1998 National Tropi-cal 6351WB. What an upgrade….From about 100 sqft to a 36 ft long wide body with a slide.   A stove, A SHOWER! We are very psyched!


It took a while to move things over and to strip the van but today the parking space for the van is empty…  I have some real mixed feelings about that. One, I feel like I have done a good thing by using up an old house and moving on to a new house but Two, I feel like I have somehow betrayed my old house.. It doesn’t make much sense to me but I feel a sense of loss.  


Life will be different now.  Class A house with a trailer in tow plus another car for city driving will be very different than a Van and trailer that can go anywhere and park anywhere.  We are now looking at only moving every quarter or so and making big moves at that. Ohio to Utah to Ohio to TX. (see the kids every spring and fall in Ohio)  


In many ways it feels like the end of an era in my life but also like the beginning of another very different one.   

p.s. I will get pics up when I can.. The internet is not fully setup at the new house and is still giving me problems…

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