20180509 Kansas to Colorado

A beautiful driving day. Started out in Selina KS at about 1700 ft, ended the day in Arriba, CO at an ear popping 5200. Certainly didn’t look like we were gaining altitude through the plains. But with Denver only a hundred miles away and a mile high, it had to happen sooner or later.

The noteworthy event of today was finding an old fashioned soda fountain and just had to stop. Kate was great and fixed us up with a sundae. I proselytized for my spice mix and a good time was had by all.

Later in the day we had a squall to drive through. One of those interesting weather events that Kansas loves to offer small girls with dogs – but no witches were harmed today. Intense but thankfully short. It probably could have become a tornado if it wanted.

Overall, we recommend I-70 for a cross country trip, so long as it’s not high summer. There aren’t many shade trees, or trees at all, to keep things cool. We should hit Utah tomorrow.

– Sean

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