20180506 Kentucky

Kentucky was lovely.  We spent some time with my family, including my grandfather, who recently had surgery (all is well!)  I’m so glad we got to see them for a few days before heading out.  In those days we got a bit more organized with the van and pulled off the vents that were pushing rain into the trailer instead of keeping it out.

After leaving the twisty roads of Appalachia, we headed north and west across the state and spent the night at Indian and Celina Lake Campground in the Hoosier National Forest.  Highly recommended if you’re passing through that area.  Although we were just there overnight, we pulled out some of the camping equipment and did a little open fire cooking.  I improvised a recipe for garlic cheese bread that turned out okay.  Sort of like the taste of a focaccia crossed with the texture of a soda bread.

A bit of late night electronic wizardry from Sean has our power situation much improved.  Something something inverter something… I didn’t exactly follow, but the gist is: we now charge in 2-3 hours instead of 8.  And the microwave works, which is probably more exciting – at least for me.

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