20180507 Indiana to St. Louis

Well, we intended to get a bit farther, but staying with one of my cousins in St. Louis was too tempting an offer.  He has a gorgeous bit of property and was exceedingly hospitable on short notice.  Mike, if you’re reading this, thanks again for the parking spot and dinner!

In continuing news about van prep/repair, we re-installed the vents so they actually work and don’t shove water into the trailer.  Sean also got the propane lines run for the lampworking torch, so that’s one step closer to being usable on a regular basis.  Meanwhile, I installed a new aerodynamic vent cover on the trailer’s roof, so hopefully it contributes to some improved gas mileage.  The clutter continues to slowly find homes, and we’re very proud that we now have a bed that doesn’t require us to move the entire contents of the van around if we want a nap.  It’s still got a couple backpacks and such, but that’s much better than it was at one point.

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