Month: May 2018

20180509 Kansas to Colorado

A beautiful driving day. Started out in Selina KS at about 1700 ft, ended the day in Arriba, CO at an ear popping 5200. Certainly didn’t look like we were gaining altitude through the plains. But with Denver only a

20180508 St Louis to Kansas

I think we may have officially found the kitchiest tourist trap ever.  It was full of all the gas station trinkets and toys, tee shirts plastered with Missouri’s silhouette, windchimes, ‘down home’ barnwood and shiplap signage, and redneck joke items. 

20180507 Indiana to St. Louis

Well, we intended to get a bit farther, but staying with one of my cousins in St. Louis was too tempting an offer.  He has a gorgeous bit of property and was exceedingly hospitable on short notice.  Mike, if you’re

20180506 Kentucky

Kentucky was lovely.  We spent some time with my family, including my grandfather, who recently had surgery (all is well!)  I’m so glad we got to see them for a few days before heading out.  In those days we got

20180503 Starting out

Okay, Okay. The first real day of travel started out quite stormy and windy and rainy. Such fun. We headed out south of Cincinnati en route to Eastern Kentucky and the weather got progressively nicer the further east we went.