Month: April 2018

Wow that’s a long drive

Hi all.  We just did the calculations for the great Alaska Trip and holy cow.  I am driving the equivalent of halfway around the PLANET.  Crossing 6 time zones 2 countries and about 1/4 of the 50 states. Ouch.  My

Weight Loss and Van Update

323LBS.  It may still sound like a lot but remember I graduated high school at 350 and had my surgery at 487.   Wow..   Today I also realized something new had changed in my body.   When I stood my thighs

Travel prep in Cincinnati, OH

Well I made it back to Cincinnati Ohio just in time for my van to decide that it needed fixing.   Just a little.. My old mechanic took one look and said those terrible words “new transmission.” Sigh….  But if

5 things about me

1. I was once run off the road by a truck and had the driver come back and start striking our driver through the window.  It ended peacefully when we drew our self defence firearms. 2. SCA sword fighting. I