Month: December 2017

20171221 Wealth Measured

Wealth is often measured in terms of dollars or gold or colored stones. Today I prefer to measure it in beauty, creation and luck. I spent yesterday working in my studio on glass and was very happily tired by the

20171218 migraine day

Yet another migraine day.  Sucks but i had a nice fire today.  

Poem – Ashes on the Heart

Poem – Ashes on the Heart by Sean Ellwood Ashes lace like tangled vines On the innocence of my heart Fires once hot leave reminders Of what once was a reason to live Pathways perhaps but lessons learned Of routes

Poem – Grass Speaks

The grass speaks in sign language Gently waving in the breeze Had we the stems to hear it What mysteries might we learn?

20171217 Home and “The Worthy”

Today was a migraine day but when it finally eased I found myself in a poetic mood…   The Worthy Poem by Sean Ellwood   I sense their beauty and the glory of the spheres Lasting long all through the

20171214 A Good Day

Today was a good day.  Something to feel positive about.. I spent the day with my father and my new extended family and really enjoyed it.  I felt useful.. My father is suffering from dementia so unlike yesterday, today was

20171213 Family Matters

Today I went down and visited my Father and Stepmother.  It was …bittersweet.   My father has had some mental problems creep up and dominate his life over the past few years and they are apparent when talking to him.  But


Camping tip. Get a big Khukri. It can chop your wood. Cut open your packages. Cook the food and prepare the food..   But I do admit that it cannot help the view.  I just have to like it or

20171211 Arrival Day

20171211 Arrival Day I spent the morning at Walmart attempting to fill a prescription.. Apparently they don’t bother calling the original pharmacy until you bug them about it…  So about 2 hours late I get going.   Luckily it was

20171210 Laundry day

Today I am in Ft Worth, Tx.  It’s a day to prepare and get ready to be in a long term camp down in Georgetown.  So.. Laundry.. Shopping… and just a bit of playing the sun bear.  It was a