Month: June 2017

Tighten your belt

I had to tighten my belt again this morning. Feels good. I shall celebrate by buying some salad and some fresh apples. You know one of the biggest changes i am noticing as i am loosing weight is that more


Colorado This was just a quick visit into the state but I really enjoyed it.. Spent the night at a marker for the Great Plains “This IS where the great herds of buffalo roamed.” Then looked up the nearest shooting


Iowa   Flat. Flat for so many miles I thought it would never change.. But it did as I drove further north. Entry into Iowa was really scenic. I loved the way the sun was setting over the Bridge. Spent

On Inspiration

On Inspiration Where or where can you be my muse, my inspiration. I do not see you in my art, my home, my life Seek me out as I seek you – and be free. Inspiration can come from a

First day. BOOM!

June 19, 2017. First day on the road. 5:30am. My body refuses to sleep anymore.. Guess I am just too excited. I wanted an early start but this is ridiculous. So I quietly got ready, prepared the last few things

Moving day

May 30, 2017. Moving day. It really came down to the wire folks. I donated, moved to storage in friends basements and gave away a lot of stuff. But in the end. It came down to trashing a lot of