Month: May 2017

Cheated by dreams

Cheated by dreams   Have you ever felt cheated by your dreams?  Given a wonderful epic experience yet upon waking it evaporates like a mist, unable to write it down or tell it to anyone you feel bereft.  All that

Seriously Kentucky?

Seriously Kentucky? Just what is it with the narrow roads?  There is plenty of open ground to put in a road but you make the lanes 6-7’ WIDE?  Holy cow!  My van is 6’ wide as is my trailer plus

Outclassed by a 6 year old

Outclassed by a 6 year old Today was spent organizing my stuff and moving some of my things over to a friends basement. Ya know.. Like ya do.. Anyway.. Some of these boxes were small and I had some kids

Kittens and Auto Repair

Kittens and Auto Repair Ok, the idea of playtime with kittens is great and my friend has a litter that needs socializing.. So I drove over and on the way my alternator decided to stop working… Oh… Joy…. But at

Woot! New trailer acquired!

With the June 1 move date approaching I have been feeling more and more frantic about the fact that I did not yet have the trailer I needed. Well with the great help of my friends, Tom, Wendy and Audrey,