Month: July 2016

The tree danced

The tree danced By Sean Ellwood When you catch sight of a rose Gather in its scent, ne’er two the same Perhaps your ready to see I found myself looking at a tree Not a tall tree nor a small


Starlight By Sean Ellwood A light in the night I see, starlight But it is not yet night so perhaps a planet I see? And I wonder.. Is it home to someone like me Looking up to my looking down?


Anvil By Sean Ellwood No doctor there is nothing I can say To tell you about the teeth at my back The dagger in my neck My head in a vice My heart on the rack What can I do


Dimished By Sean Ellwood   Do you ever feel incomplete without someone to share things with? Not the big or little specifically but all the things that make life worth living. Without that it all seems diminished.. ┬áSmaller, insignificant..  

Glimmer in the dark

Glimmer in the dark By Sean Ellwood I see a light in the woods, a fire perhaps Glimmering in the dark it casts no light to see my way But a glow to remind me I’m not alone Is it

On a summer day

When your blessed by the winds of change your life is a set of spirals Up and down and never a day without change To catch a falling star while your falling in love I found a sense of peace