Month: May 2016

The meadow of life

Bonded with the earth we gain our strength In insignificant fractions Impossible to see Yet all the same They are there. Channeling might Our fragile stems Are hardest to see As anything but mist Against time itself Frozen meadows Neath

Asking For Help

I had to do something yesterday that hurt. I had to admit to my friends and peers that there are normal things that I just cannot do and I needed their help. It sucked and almost made me cry. It’s

The Kiss

The Kiss There are memories that stick with you over the years. Friends, family, laughter, sadness. But more than that you remember the times when time stood still, Stopped for a moment, caught in the light. I remember once a

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Welcome to the Adventure

Hi Fans. As this is our first meeting I wanted to talk for a few minutes about where I am today and how I want this life of ours to go.. Today I am a single tall fat disabled man

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